Summer 2020 Resources

NAD Children’s Ministries Guide to Reopening Sabbath School: Post-COVID-19

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is committed to serving the community by bringing a fun, interactive VBS to them! The VBS team has redesigned Heroes VBS that is custom made for churches and families during the COVID19 and Post Covid19 shutdown. There are three options that churches, and families can choose: Home Edition, Church Online Edition, or Heroes VBSLive (Must Register). Click below for more information!

Kathy Clifford, 
Children's Ministry Coordinator

About Children's Ministries

The mission of the Texico Conference Children's Ministries Department is to draw children into a loving and personal relationship with Christ. Through training, mentoring, and support, our volunteers can be better prepared to present Jesus in the way they teach, decorate their rooms, and relate to each child.

For more information please contact (505) 244-1611.