Welcome to the Family Life/Sabbath School Department! 

Manuel Rodriguez,

Family Life/Sabbath School Director

Family Life Department


The Family Life Ministries of the Texico Conference focuses on people in relationship.  It is a ministry that provides tools for parents, youth, and children.  It is also a ministry for couples, and single adults.  It is a ministry for all members of the family circle as they pass through life’s predictable stages and confront unexpected changes in their lives.


The Department of Family Life Ministries seeks to strengthen and inspire hope to families.  Its aim is to bring healing to marriages, families, and individuals through the abundant love and saving grace of Jesus.  Our goal is to strengthen families and relationships through seminars and workshops and to prepare families for the kingdom of God, hastening the coming of Jesus.


Sabbath School Department


The Sabbath School Department of the Texico Conference works to proclaim the everlasting gospel in our territory in the context of the Three Angels’ Messages. The purpose of the Sabbath School is to make disciples for Christ.  It includes the nurture of spiritual growth in members and prospective members who join in the fellowship, study, sharing and service.  The Sabbath School exists not only to minister to its members, but also to train its members to minister to others.  It is designed to work with local churches to provide resources and training seminars for Sabbath School teachers and church leaders so members will be equipped in winning souls for Jesus.