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Texico Conference Women's Ministries Retreat • Come to the Spring • October 27 - 29, 2017

We would like to thank everyone who attended the 2017 Texico Conference Women's Ministries Retreat and especially thank all of the coordinators and volunteers who made it a success. The retreat proved to be a blessing and invite all of the women throughout our conference to attend next year's event. Here are a few pictures that were taken over the weekend (see link below). Do not forget to 
check back with us, we hope to have the video that was recorded during the English session available soon. Blessings!


Roxanne Smyth
Women's Ministry Leader

"The object of Women's Ministries is to help the women of the church experience Jesus Christ in a personal, life changing relationship.  When Jesus calls us into a relationship with Him, He also calls us to ministry - some type of service to others.  As women become actively involved in ministry, the entire church is blessed."
"The Department of Women's Ministries exists to serve the needs of the women of the church." 

 "The Spiritual Vision Women's Ministries is to lift up Jesus Christ by enabling women to discover and realize their leadership and ministry potential within their home, church and community."

 "The Mission of Women's Ministries is know Jesus passionately and to disciple and serve others."  

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Enditnow Day - (formerly Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day) - 4th Sabbath in August