Adventist Giving

AdventistGiving provides a way for individuals to return tithe and offerings to their local church from any computer or mobile device.  The AdventistGiving app is available to download for mobile devices by visiting the web-site, and tapping the “Share Browser” button and then choose “Add to Home Screen” in the Apple or Google Play app stores. (Apple, Google Play).

Languages Supported

Users may choose the view AdventistGiving in either the English, Spanish or French languages. The default language is English, however the language preference may be changed by clicking or tapping on the ‘EN’ in the upper right corner of the site. 

Member/Guest Accounts

Individuals can create member accounts where donation history will be stored to be viewed at any time.  If preferred you may give as a guest, which will require your name and address in order to receive a tax receipt from your church, but you will not need to log into an account.

Recurring Giving

Individuals may set up recurring donations in a member account.  Donations may be set up as weekly, biweekly, monthly, yearly, etc.

No Cost to Church or Member

Neither your church nor your members will be charged any fees for using AdventistGiving. Because of this, it’s worth every church enrolling even if only one church member church wishes to use AdventistGiving.

You can help keep our costs low by choosing to give directly from your checking account instead of using a credit card. More than 50 percent of all offerings in AdventistGiving are given from a checking account (using an electronic check). AdventistGiving’s cost for each electronic check is 16 cents—which is less than the cost of a postage stamp as well as the fees that are charged by credit card companies. 

Using your checking account for donation will significantly reduce our costs, which are shared by your local conference (70%), union (10%), the North American Division (10%), and the General Conference (10%).

Church Enrollment

To get started, the church pastor and treasurer may complete the enrollment form and send it on to the conference treasury office.  The AdventistGiving team will let you know when the enrollment form is received and provide the church treasurer information about the AdventistGiving treasurer’s account.

Information is Secure

AdventistGiving and associated apps are written by denominationally employed IT Professionals of the North American Division IT Services Department, or by contractors supervised by NAD IT Services.  AdventistGiving is entirely supported by NAD ITS.

AdventistGiving maintains the highest levels of security and is monitored regularly. We recognize the sacredness of the tithe dollar (Lev. 27:30), and we employ the strictest standards to protect both the tithe dollar given, as well as the donor. Security is paramount. The AdventistGiving platform has never been compromised, and donor’s data has never been breached.

We are here to help

For more information or assistance with enrollment please contact