Los Ranchos Seventh-day Adventist Company


The Los Ranchos Seventh-day Adventist Company serves as a testimony that even small congregations can have an impact in their communities. This community of believers use home improvement, food distribution and other outreach methods to help their neighbors in the North Valley community of Albuquerque. Their approach is to find out what the community needs, what matters to them, and then find a way to lend them a hand. The Los Ranchos Company believes that the best way to share the love of Jesus is to do kind things for others.

Gathering Times
Sabbath School: 9:15 AM
Church Worship: 11:00 AM
Prayer Meeting: Wenesdays, 7:00 pm
Language: English


9630 4th St NW Albuquerque, NM 87114-2115




Ramiro Cano


Pastor Cano has served as a pastor for over 20 years. His experience includes leading several churches throughout Central California, serving as an evangelist for the Central California Conference and working with multiple Adventist schools and academies. Pastor Cano moved to Albuquerque with his family in January of 2020, but he is no stranger to New Mexico. As a young man, Pastor Cano lived in Southern New Mexico where his father pastored several Texico church districts. His wife Melanie, is very supportive of his ministry and is currently teaching at Sandia View Christian School. They have two children, a daughter Eliana and a son, Lucas. Pastor Cano’s passion in ministry is to have an intimate personal relationship with Christ and meet the needs of people, while discipling others to do the same.

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