The Texico Conference of Seventh-day Adventists oversees the operation of two academies, eight elementary schools and supports three preschools. It is the department’s privilege to encourage and assist in the educational activities of the Texico Conference.

The mission of our schools is to provide each student with a positive Christian environment where they can get to know our Savior, Jesus Christ. Our dedicated Christian teachers and staff enjoy 180 days of scholastic and evangelistic contact with each student yearly. We encourage the mental, physical, social and spiritual development of each child, so they will be successful in both this world and in the world to come.

It is also our goal to provide a Christ centered academic curriculum, teaching responsibility for one’s self, respect for others and reverence for God. By stressing academic excellence integrated with technology and service, every child has the opportunity to become a valuable part of our church and society.

Please join us in prayer as we work daily to help direct the children and youth of our Conference in their walk with the Lord.



Sandra Patterson

Education Superintendent

Sandra has experienced a rich career in educational leadership through her years in the classroom and in school administration, within both Seventh-day Adventist schools and in public schools. She has more than twenty years of professional experience and has been successful in nurturing a continuing excellence in the quality of education in which student success, and teacher development, are the beneficiaries.

Superintendent Patterson has most recently been the chair of the Sandia View Christian School and Sandia View Christian Preschool Boards and has led these schools through a season of growth, both in enrollment and staff. She previously taught at Sandia View Christian School before becoming the Assistant Principal, and then the Principal, of Taylor Middle School in Albuquerque. At Taylor Middle School, Sandra led a staff of 65 in support of the more than 500 students, in which she worked to establish an environment that was developmentally responsive to the unique needs of middle-level learners.

Sandra says that “the belief that all students can, and should, be successful, is at the heart of my passion as an educator and it is what drives my leadership and vision for the schools I serve. My job is to cultivate and empower teacher leadership and student success.”

As a life-long Adventist, Sandra is very involved in church leadership and ministry. She has previously served as a member of the Texico Conference Executive Committee for more than eight years and currently serves as the Head Elder of the Corrales Seventh-day Adventist Church. Sandra believes that service to others is a privilege, and she is a long-time volunteer in Community Services which includes working with the local food bank in support of the Corrales community.

Sandra provides leadership and support to Office of Education and Texico’s 10 schools.


Aracely Robles
Administrative Assistant