FESJA Texico


FESJA (Adventist Youth Federation) Texico, is a retreat that takes place twice a year that aims to enrich the spiritual lives of Hispanic teens and young adults throughout the Texico Conference. After 13 years of hosting events, the FESJA leadership is excited about its future. A new planning committee was recently elected to serve for the next two years and they are excited to see that those who are now part of the committee were actually participants of the very first FESJA events. Supporters of FESJA include parents, professionals, and youth leaders in their local churches. One of FESJA’s goals, is to see young people evolve into spiritual leaders. FESJA is very thankful for the opportunity to serve in this ministry that reaches the younger generations and prepares them for future spiritual leader roles and most importantly for the kingdom of God. We ask you to pray for the FESJA leaders and for all the youth who attend the biyearly retreats.



Karen Maturino

FESJA President

Karen Maturino is a member of the Amarillo Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church and serves as FESJA President. Prior to becoming president, she assisted in the FESJA communication team and as a photographer. After attending her first FESJA event, Karen became passionate for all that FESJA stands for and is grateful for the impact it has had in her life. Karen is an avid photographer and a dedicated stay at home mom. She finds joy in serving God and spending time with her family and friends. As the newest FESJA president, Karen is committed to carry forward FESJA’s vision to spiritually enrich the lives of future generations.

Eric Chavez

Youth, Young Adult and Club Ministries Director

Pastor Eric Chavez is the Youth, Young Adult and Club Ministries Director for the Texico Conference. Pastor Eric and his wife Shanna are both natives of the Texico Conference as both were born and raised in Amarillo, TX. Eric left Amarillo in 2010 to pursue a Theology Degree at Southern Adventist University. At the time, Eric was an Engineering Technician, but he and his wife heard the voice of the Lord calling them to leave Texas to share the love of Jesus. During his ministry, Pastor Eric has pastored in the Georgia-Cumberland Conference, the Upper Columbia Conference and most recently, he worked for the Wisconsin Conference where he served as the Youth, Young Adult, Club Ministries and Camp Director. Pastor Chavez has a passion for youth ministry, and he enjoys inspiring, encouraging, and mentoring young people. In his free time Eric enjoys snowboarding, skateboarding, and working on anything that has an engine.