The Record

Growing Together, May | June 2021


The idea behind “growing together” focuses on unleashing the potential
of today’s young people while building a thriving community for all generations.
This idea is built on older and younger generations working together
to further the gospel mission.
In this issue, we explore this idea a bit further and discover why it is so
crucial to the health of our individual churches as well as our denomination.
Read about the innovative tools that are being used in ministry, how to build
meaningful relationships with other generations and hear from a few young
adults who are making a difference through the support of their mentors and
Did you have an older spiritual mentor or church leader that helped you
along your faith journey? Have you been able to share a word of wisdom or
counsel to a younger leader or member? Ask yourself, what part can each of
us play in supporting congregations that are intentionally intergenerational,
and how can we help them thrive in their communities?

The May | June 2021 issue of the Southwestern Union Record, the official publication of the Southwestern Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Volume 120, No. 03

Edition: Volume 120, No. 3


In 2016, Casey Harris beat cancer. Amidst the nightmare that was 2020, it came back for another fight. But this time Harris, now principal at Sandia View Christian School (SVCS) in New Mexico, was ready for it.

Stay home, stay safe. Just over a year ago, the nationwide lockdown in response to COVID-19 sparked a season of isolation. As information changed daily, uncertainty increased and many churches closed doors for safety. Yet, in that time, creative methods of connection began to emerge.

After teaching for 38 years and serving the Texico School District for 19 years, Bonnie Garner is retiring from Sandia View Christian School (SVCS) at the end of this school year.