January | February 2021

Southwestern Union Record Vol 120, Issue 1


Many people strongly dislike change and will go to great lengths to prevent
any variations in their routines. But change is an inevitable part of life and
an opportunity for growth! Children grow, flowers bloom, vegetables sprout
and fruit appears on trees. None of these blessings would occur if change
were not a part of life. A tiny acorn cannot become a mighty oak if it does
not first fall from the tree, endure the loss of its protective covering and
become buried in the soil.
Fear of change and a desire to be in control lead us to distrust God’s
guidance in our lives, and can keep us from the many blessings He has in
store. In this issue of the Record you’ll be challenged to put your plans in
God’s hands and embrace the sometimes unpredictable journey that He has
in store for you.

Edition: Volume 120, No. 01


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Southwestern Union Record Vol 120, Issue 1

January | February 2021