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Marvin Moore was born in Peru. He spent 14 years in Peru, Argentina, and Cuba
(plus two years of furlough). At age 16, he returned to the United States to complete
his education. He has a BA in theology, a Master of Arts degree in church history, a
Master of Divinity degree, and a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing.  He entered
pastoral ministry in the Southern California Conference in 1961, and spent 15 years
in California and Texas. In 1985, he joined Pacific Press in Nampa, ID, as an associ-
ate book editor, then became editor of Signs of the Times magazine in 1994. He is the
author of 30 books.  He lives with his wife Lois in Caldwell, Idaho, and has two adult
children, Barry, who lives in Salt Lake City, UT. and Sheri, who lives in San Diego, CA.