Dah Nay Way



Over the past 10 years, thousands of Karen people have come to the U.S. from refugee camps in Southeast Asia through a U.S. government resettlement program. Many of them who were relocated to Amarillo, Texas, are descendants of the first people who accepted the Adventist message in their native land more than a century ago. A dedicated group of Karen Adventist believers started worshiping together and the Texico Conference organized them as a Company as part of the Conference family. With the support of the North American Division Office of Refugee Ministries, this newly established group was welcomed as the 40th officially recognized congregation of Karen members in our division. Dah Nay Way is currently leading this congregation and is married to his wife Lay Mya Way and together they have a son, Eh Dah Lay Way and a daughter Pa Sawpaw Way.