Eliab Quinones



Pastor Eliab Quiñones grew up as a pastor’s kid, actively engaging in various Texico Conference events alongside his father, who served as a pastor in Texico for many years. Graduating from Southwestern Adventist University in 2019, Pastor Eliab promptly stepped into the role of an Associate Pastor for Youth within the Texico Conference in El Paso, TX. His journey led him to serve as a pastor in the Oklahoma Conference before assuming his current responsibilities as the pastor of Advent Life Church in Santa Fe, NM, and overseeing the Los Alamos Seventh-day Adventist company.

His primary passion centers on fostering the mission and nurturing the church family. He’s thrilled by the increasing interest and involvement of congregation members in various ministries. Pastor Eliab finds tremendous support in his wife, Elizabeth, a fellow Southwestern graduate, who plays an essential role in supporting his ministry. His deepest fulfillment comes from guiding individuals on their journey with Jesus and witnessing their growth in the fruits of the Spirit.