Texico Conference’s Pastoral Family Expands

CORRALES, N.M. – The Texico Conference is thrilled to extend a warm welcome to four individuals who have dedicated their lives to serving God and His people. Our conference is fortunate to have Christian Tarbox, Victor Adonis, Andres Canizales and Eliel Rosabal joining our pastoral family.

Adonis (pictured left) is a seasoned missionary with a passion for spreading the Gospel. Together with his wife, Tanzi, they have ventured into various mission fields, including Belize, Kenya, the Philippines, Peru and Africa. Adonis’ commitment to missions and his theological studies at Montemorelos Adventist University in Mexico have prepared him for his new role within the Texico Conference. Alongside his family, including his daughter Kezia, he is now actively serving the districts of Roswell Spanish, Artesia, Carlsbad, Hobbs Spanish and Saragosa, bringing God’s message to the southeastern regions of New Mexico and West Texas. When he’s not in ministry, Adonis enjoys outdoor activities, soccer, tennis, exploring languages and cherishing quality time with loved ones.

Andres Canizalez (pictured right, first person), originally from San Salvador, El Salvador, but raised in Houston, Tex., has completed his bachelor’s degree in theology degree from Southwestern Adventist University. During his time at Southwestern, he took on significant roles as the chaplain for spiritual life and development, small group coordinator and senior class pastor. Now, he’s excited to answer God’s call to serve within the Texico Conference, ministering to the communities of Clovis, Hereford, Plainview and Portales Seventh-day Adventist Churches. Canizalez’s passion lies in sharing God’s love and inviting others to accept Jesus into their lives. He’s particularly dedicated to working with youth and is involved in Adventurers and Pathfinder ministries.

Eliel Rosabal Pena (pictured right, third person), born in Cuba, brings a rich Adventist heritage and a diverse educational background to his ministry. He earned an accounting associate degree in Cuba before pursuing two bachelor’s degrees in psychology and theology at Southwestern Adventist University. After graduation, he served as a chaplain at Texas Health Huguley Hospital and Methodist Mansfield Medical Center, providing comfort and support to patients and their families during times of need. In his personal life, he shares his journey with his cherished partner, Leydis M. Alvarez. Currently, Rosabal is shepherding souls at the Abilene Seventh- day Adventist Church and Advent Hope Bilingual in San Angelo, Tex. He is dedicated to nurturing the spiritual growth of his congregants, creating a sanctuary where souls can find solace, hope and a deeper connection with their Creator. Rosabal attributes his accomplishments to God’s grace and remains committed to sharing the light of faith and love with all he encounters.

Christian Tarbox (pictured right, second person), originally from Washington State and later relocating to Albuquerque, N.M. in 2003, has recently taken on the role of associate pastor with a dedicated focus on youth and young adults within the El Paso English district. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in theology from Southwestern Adventist University in 2023, he felt compelled to answer God’s calling in his home conference. Tarbox has enthusiastically embraced his role at the Central and Northeast El Paso Seventh-day Adventist churches, where he is dedicated to nurturing a community rooted in faith, compassion and servant leadership. He will also provide support to Raymond House, senior pastor. Outside of his church duties, Tarbox enjoys hiking, reading, traveling and spending quality time with his family. With a servant leader’s heart, Tarbox is committed to uniting fellow Adventist believers, creating a community that thrives on love, fellowship and a shared identity in Christ.

We are blessed to have these pastors join the Texico Conference family, and we look forward to the spiritual leadership, compassion and dedication they will bring to our communities. Together, we will continue to spread God’s message of love, hope and salvation.