Truth or Consequences Seventh-day Adventist Church


According to church records, Adventist mission work in Hot Springs, NM began in 1916 when the town was incorporated. At the time, Hot Springs was known for its hot mineral baths. However, in the early 1950s, Hot Springs changed its name as a gimmick to promote a popular game show called Truth or Consequences. Years later, starting in 1972, Pastor Joe Reynolds helped build part of the current Truth or Consequences Seventh-day Church. The original church building only measured 12 x 20ft, but the Truth or Consequences church has continued to grow and has expanded their facility. The church loves to worship, fellowship with one another, and minister to the community.

Gathering Times
Sabbath School: 9:30 AM
Church Worship: 11:00 AM
Language: English


205 N Ash St T or C, NM 87901-2425




Ricardo Castro

[email protected]

In 2022, Pastor Ricardo Castro returned to the Texico Conference, having successfully earned his Bachelor of Arts in Theology and his Master of Divinity degree from Andrews University. Originally hailing from California, Pastor Castro responded to God's calling to become a minister. He holds a fervent desire for community engagement and church expansion, aiming to spread the Bible's message of hope, love, and everlasting salvation through Jesus Christ. Equally, he's dedicated to the personal development of each member.

Currently, Pastor Castro serves the Central New Mexico church district and oversees the Belen, Los Lunas, Socorro, and Truth or Consequences churches. He shares his life journey with his beloved spouse, Miriam, and they are blessed with two young children. What Pastor Castro values most about his ministry is the opportunity to connect with a diverse array of people and extend a helping hand, whether for their physical or spiritual needs. His deepest passion lies in nurturing a profound love for God within others and preparing them for the imminent return of Christ.

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