Sandia View Academy’s New Soccer Field and Facilities Now Open for Play!

Sandia View Academy’s New Soccer Field and Facilities Now Open for Play!

CORRALES, N.M. – In 2019, ambitious plans took shape, and a dedicated group of donors joined the Texico Conference to transform the dream of a new soccer field at Sandia View Academy (SVA) into a tangible reality. The unforeseen challenges posed by the pandemic briefly put these aspirations on hold. However, the Texico Conference is thrilled to announce that construction of the new field, including a complete grass installation on other parts of the campus, is now finished, and its impact is already being felt.

“The new soccer field, situated on the northern end of SVA’s campus, is more than just a playing surface,” said Phil Robertson, Texico Conference Executive Secretary/Treasurer. “It represents the fulfillment of a much anticipated and meaningful goal.”

The field features natural turf and serves as the home pitch for the Sandia View Knights soccer team. Moreover, it provides a versatile space for a wide array of physical education activities, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for the entire school community. What’s more, the field is a key element of a broader Master Plan, laying the foundation for a new academy facility when funding becomes available and student enrollment necessitates expanded educational support areas.

On October 2, 2023, the Sandia View Knights soccer team kicked off their season inaugurating the new field with an exciting game. The occasion was marked with joy and anticipation as students, staff, and parents gathered to witness the first match played on the new field.

The field has not only become the home ground for the Sandia View Knights but also served as the host for all Albuquerque Charter School League soccer games in 2023. 

“This development has significantly enhanced the academy’s status within the league and provided a great venue for local teams to compete,” said Phil Robertson, Texico Conference Executive Secretary/Treasurer. 

One of the most striking features of the new field is its breathtaking backdrop, offering a view of the majestic Sandia Mountains. The stunning natural scenery provides a unique and picturesque setting for sporting events, making it more than just a field, but an experience in itself.

Sandia View Academy, along with area churches and schools are overjoyed with the new soccer field and the opportunities it offers to students and the wider community. It is a symbol of unity, pride, and excellence, it truly is a dream come true. The school looks forward to a future filled with exciting games, sporting achievements, and memorable moments.